Management support

Business Assistance for Up and Coming Small and Medium-sized Businesses

We can provide reliable local business mentors with extensive knowledge, lawyers, tax accountants, management consultants specializing in small and medium-sized businesses, social insurance consultants, and other experts able to provide assistance with management and other concerns.

These specialists are like a “family doctor” for a business who can help keep it on track and achieve future prosperity.

As consultations are free and confidentiality guaranteed, you can use these services with confidence.

Convenient Consultation Services
Over the Counter Consultation
Consultation services are available at each city branch and staffed with consultants ready to deal with your inquiries.
Feel free to visit if you wish to inquire about any concerns you have in the day-to-day running of your business.
On-Site Consultation
Our business consultants can visit you at your shop or factory to provide assessments from a range of perspectives and offer appropriate advice for the future.
Specialist Consultation
Experienced specialist consultants (lawyers, tax accountants, management consultants, and so on) able to handle particular issues such as store assessments or difficult legal or taxation questions are available for you to consult (either at our premises or yours).
Consultancy services
Intellectual property:
Business formation:
Maru Financing
Maru Financing (a public financing program run by central government)
A program in which the Japan Finance Corporation provides low-interest loans based on the recommendation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
These loans require no collateral or guarantor.
- Maximum loan amount: 15 million yen
- Term: 7 years (working capital) or 10 years (plant and equipment)
Sponsored Financing
In collaboration with local financial institutions, we can offer “Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sponsored Financing” that provides loans to members on favorable terms including lower interest rates. We urge you to consider this as a source of business capital.
Encouragement for Manufacturing
Government-run Mutual Aid Schemes
Mutual Aid Scheme for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
- Pension fund for business proprietors -
Provides benefits for the self-employed, company directors, and others in a similar situation after they retire or cease trading.
Mutual Aid Scheme for Cash Flow Risk
- Protecting small and medium-sized enterprises from the risk of knock-on bankruptcy -
Provides aid in the form of a loan in the event of a customer going bankrupt making it difficult to recover promissory notes and other outstanding trade credit.
Support Systems
Small and Medium-sized Business Facilitators
These are people who are directed by the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to act as business consulting intermediaries between business managers and Chamber business advisors.
Company Formation and Business Innovation
Specialists are available to provide tailored advice and other information to people planning to set up a business or wanting to learn more about how to form a company, and also to business people considering entering a new area of business or changing how they manage their existing business.
Social Insurance Service
Although all business proprietors who employ even one person must join the social insurance scheme, it is not uncommon for them to struggle under the burden of complex administrative procedures.
The government-certified social insurance union of the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry can handle this administration on your behalf.
Techno Plaza
Experienced R&D personnel are available at a small fee to assist with technology and product development, core technology reviews, ISO accreditation, and cost reduction.
Urban Revitalization Volunteers
Retirees with extensive experience and skills work as volunteers to help solve problems such as empty stores and shortages of staff at stores and shopping areas, or assist with improvements such as more appealing products or store merchandising.