About Kawasaki CCI

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a regional economic body set up in accordance with the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law".

This law stipulates that the chamber should "be conducive to the general welfare of society by promoting comprehensive improvement and development of commerce and industry in its region" in order to "encourage the robust development of the national economy and contribute to the advancement of the global economy".
A Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the following four characteristics.

The above mark was established in 1957 as the design of "C, C, I" that is the combination of the first letters of each word of "Chamber of Commerce & Industry," and has been used in chambers of commerce and industry across the nation.

trade mark

Four Pillars of the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1. Public spirited
A highly public-spirited organization that works for the good of the entire region and does not engage in business activities intended to benefit particular individuals, organizations, or groups.
Lobbying on Economic Policy
The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry engages in policy formulation and other lobbying of Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and the central government by acting as an opinion leader and presenting views on economic, regional, and other problems that individual companies cannot solve on their own.
2. Regional
An organization that encourages the development of regional commerce and industry and is also part of a nationwide association (a subsidiary body within the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
Regional Economic Revitalization
In response to industrial progress, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry undertakes a diverse range of studies and research to identify social needs and trends at an early stage so that people can operate and expand their businesses with confidence. The Chamber also undertakes initiatives, including facilitating large projects within the region, that are aimed at creating a more attractive city through measures such as promoting local culture and the upgrading of transport infrastructure.
3. Inclusive
An inclusive organization open to membership by all business people regardless of the size and nature of their business or whether they are an individual or part of an organization.
Backup for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
The economic environment is undergoing rapid changes including the introduction of advanced information infrastructure, technological innovations, and a growing service economy. In response, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers precisely tailored services in fields such as business consulting, public financing, assistance with IT, and systems of mutual aid to strengthen the commercial foundations of small and medium-sized businesses.
4. International
An organization with a global outlook that maintains links with other chambers of commerce and industry around the world.
Promoting International Exchanges
through links with overseas chambers of commerce and industry and other international agencies, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry undertakes a range of activities to assist companies in their international business operations including the collection and dissemination of economic information from overseas (investment and trade), access to advice on international issues, organizing delegations, and providing reception services for overseas trainees.